Hotel Blogging: An Effective Hotel Blogging Strategy

Hotel Blogging: An Effective Hotel Blogging Strategy

Hotel blogging is one of the most crucial marketing strategies for hoteliers to implement and see returns from.

A blog attracts organic traffic to your hotel’s website and brings in like-minded readers who can become brand advocates.

With Google’s algorithms making it nearly impossible to outrank major metasearch engines, a niche blog covering your target audience’s interests gives you a better shot at ranking for competitive keywords.

In this post we’ll look at hotel blogging and why it’s important, along with best practices for seeing ongoing success.

We’ll define hotel blogging, make clear its value as a strategy, and provide actionable tips to establish an effective hotel blog.

By understanding and properly leveraging blogging, hoteliers can drive more qualified traffic, boost conversions, support SEO efforts, and strengthen consumer relationships over time.

What is Hotel Blogging?

Hotel blogging is a type of hotel content marketing that grows your hotel’s website traffic organically.

It starts by researching hotel keywords to uncover what concepts your target regional audience searches for.

Once you identify those ideas, you can create engaging articles to keep your site content fresh, reach the right viewers, and supply your other marketing channels.

Generating compelling blog posts helps you stand out from competitors and offer value to potential guests before they consider booking.

It creates a dialogue so when guests look to book, your hotel already comes to mind since they’ve seen your local expertise and recommendations. Your blog’s wider reach can surpass your site alone.

Before starting a hotel blog, analyze your marketing strategy’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to see if blogging aligns with your goals.

Also recognize that for relevance, a blog needs constant updating. If you cannot commit sufficient time and resources to regular content production, it may not be the best fit.

Why Use a Blog in Your Hotel Marketing Strategy?

Now that we’ve defined hotel blogging, let’s examine why to use a blog to market your hotel:

You Can Better Reach Your Target Audience

Writing about what your audience searches for provides a chance to rank for those terms.

If families search best hotels for families, craft content around that to convince them yours is the prime choice.

It Keeps Your Hotel’s Website Relevant

Fresh content signals relevance to Google, a key ranking factor.

Rather than constantly updating internal pages, dedicate efforts to blogging.

It Serves as Content for Other Marketing Channels

Quality content is like gold for social media, newsletters, brochures, etc. Repurpose blog posts.

Blogging feeds your sales funnel with leads for your hotel.

Hotel Blogging Ideas to Get Your Hotel Blog Started

Make your blog remarkable by straying from routine articles readers instantly forget.

While “10 Things to Do in [City]” posts abound across the blogosphere, unique perspectives will reap rewards.

Film Guest Video Blogs of Top Attractions

Collaborating with current guests to develop engaging content for potential ones, while also covering popular attractions, checks both boxes.

For example, around 360,000 people search “Golden Gate Bridge” monthly – clear proof travelers want info on top area sites.

And what better way to showcase future trip possibilities than video footage from a recent visitor!

Incentivize guests to submit their travel footage by offering free entry to top attractions.

Then incorporate these real experiences into rich, authentic attraction content.

More informative pages also tend to perform better search-engine-wise than sparse articles.

So couple the videos with descriptive text answering common questions or concerns.

Create Infographics Using Local Guest Data

Standard post-stay surveys provide an untapped data pool to transform into shareable infographics or charts.

Ask guests about visited attractions and trip purpose.

Industry publications may be interested in featuring your data-driven creations.

This generates additional exposure, while boosting hotel brand visibility and backlinks.

Interview Popular Local Instagram Influencers

Just building social media for your hotel?

Skipping straight to influencer partnerships puts your hotel in front of thousands instantly.

See which influencers align best by scouting profiles of trendy area businesses.

Then collaborate on blog interviews focused on their curated recommendations of hidden gems or local favorites.

Share the finished piece so they broadcast it to their loyal followers.

More creative hotel blog ideas include:

  • Employee interviews
  • Recipes from your outlets
  • Packing lists by season
  • Special social media promotions
  • Previews of new amenities or renovations
  • Local events calendar
  • Dictionary explaining quirky regional phrases

Get the Hotel Blog Technical Elements Right

Even stellar content gets lost if a blog’s technical aspects falter.

From site design to hotel SEO, construct a sturdy foundation allowing your writing to thrive.

Follow these tips for an accessible, visible blog:

Target Local Keywords

Many travelers research destinations online first, so search engine visibility is crucial.

Write posts utilizing high-volume local keywords – even those including competitors.

For example, “The 17 Best LA Hotels” incorporates the popular “hotels in LA” term.

Craft Intriguing, Shareable Headlines

A headline must immediately grab readers and convince them to click in seconds.

Incorporate lists, questions or “how to” in titles, balancing easy comprehension with emotional punch.

Build a Backlink Network

Backlinks are external websites linking to you, so they boost search rankings and referrals.

If securing proven challenging, consider an agency to promote content.

Partner with influencers and news outlets to place backlinks pointing toward your blog.

Additional technical considerations:

  • Use brief paragraphs and subheads for easy mobile reading
  • Feature quality images to improve page aesthetics and appeal
  • Ensure sufficient website loading speed
  • Make social sharing simple through prominent buttons
  • Provide well-categorized site architecture for fluid navigation
  • Continuously carry out on-page SEO enhancements

With robust technical elements empowering remarkable content, your hotel blog will thrive at converting engagement into bookings.

Making the Most of Your Hotel Blogging Efforts

Launching a hotel blog requires investment, but yields enduring rewards.

Strengthening your independent online presence lessens reliance on OTAs and metasearches, improving hotel conversions.

After committing to blogging, the key is consistently publishing distinctive, compelling content that resonates with your audience and conveys your hotel’s differentiating value.

Use your blog to tap into your ideal guests’ aspirations and preferences.

Shape messages around what matters most to them, capturing mindshare. Then when they’re travel-ready and considering options, your property already registers as a top choice worth revisiting and booking directly.

With a strategic blogging approach fueled by audience-aligned content, your property can cultivate customer relationships and shift share-of-wallet over time.

The blog functions as an always-on sales and marketing engine, attracting and converting loyal guests who become brand champions.

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